HAVEN Stylist Team

Our team of dedicated stylists were selected based on their exceptional experience, unique taste, and eye for design and fit. Their product knowledge and vision are what sets them apart. Whether it's a seasonal update, special event, vacation, or wardrobe refresh, we have you covered. 



Boulder Stylist

Personal style: East Coast classic with a laid back California vibe.

Favorite Boulder spot: The Kitchen

Style inspiration: Kelly Wearstler 

Favorite Instagram follow: @GOOP covers all the bases

Next Travel Destination: Portugal
What you're looking forward to most this year: My Son’s wedding in Texas

Favorite HAVEN Designers: Hudson, Catherine Gee, Michelle Jonas, Marco Delli, SPRWMN. 

Instagram: @pam_havenboulder



Boulder & Denver Stylist

Personal style: Feminine, eclectic, colorful, sassy.

Favorite Boulder/Denver spot: Oak and North

Style inspiration: Stevie Nicks, Bridgette Bardot, and Lucy Boynton

Favorite Instagram follows:
  • @blaireadiebee for fashion
  • @mercedeshelnwein for art
Next Travel Destination: I don’t care where it is but I’m dreaming of warm water, white sands and sunshine. 
What you're looking forward to most this year: Connection and effortless togetherness. 

Favorite HAVEN Designers: Ramy Brook fulfills all my retro vibes and Michelle Jonas because she cuts silhouettes for real women's bodies and who doesn’t love silk pieces you can wash at home!  

Instagram: @chelsea_havencollective



Buyer, Boulder & Denver Stylist

Personal style: Classic with a sophisticated edge and a tiny hint of western.

Favorite Boulder/Denver spot: Corrida and Wildflower

Style inspiration: Zoe Kravitz, Mick Jagger, Zendaya, Stella McCartney

Favorite Instagram follows:
  • @matildadjerf for lifestyle/fashion
  • @kellywearstler for design
  • @brockdehaven :)
Next Travel Destination: Mexico City
What you're looking forward to most this year: A big ski season, lots of international travel, and turning 30 (!) 

Favorite HAVEN Designers: Michelle Jonas, Lanhtropy, Maiami, and Toral, but it changes every day. We are always looking for new, exciting, and unique things to bring into the shop.

Instagram: @allie_havencollective